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Cadorin Homes – Bricks and Sticks

At Cadorin Homes, we have the benefit of heeding the afterthought of prior experiences and the foresight innovations have to offer.

We strive to increase the value of a home by improving the energy performance and minimizing the carbon footprint, all the while infusing our passion for elegant craftsmanship.

Luxury, comfort, function, environmental stewardship: we want it all...for you.

What are some of our features?

Drain Water Heat Recovery - Power Pipe

A Drain Water Heat Recovery System (DWHR) is designed to recover heat from warm drain water. Water heating accounts for 1/3 of your home energy use and 90% of that hot water energy goes down the drain. A DWHR System recovers up to 80% of that lost heat. By using recycled thermal energy you reduce energy use. And that can save up to 40% or more on your hot water heating costs.

Clay Brick and Stone Exterior

Locally manufactured from natural products, our exteriors are maintenance free, durable materials offering the best protection of the elements with the maximum protection to mould and infestation.

Basement Insulation

These homes feature an insulated, reflective blanket under the radiant floor ready tubing. The added insulation slows the rate that heat escapes, allowing you and your family to transform heat losing space to dry, comfortable potential living space. With a walkout to your backyard, this space now lends itself to multiple possibilities.

Solar Photovoltaic Panels

The grid-tied, expandable PV system uses free, renewable energy from the sun to supplement the electrical needs of the home without loss of transmission efficiency. The home essentially becomes registered as a micro-generating station and can sell excess energy back to Hydro. This system can use renewable, zero-carbon energy to meet at least 50% of it's electrical needs.

ERV System

This system combines superior fresh air ventilation while recovering energy from both heat and moisture in the stale air exhausted from your home. Energy Recovery Ventilators provide the ultimate in ventilation and humidity management creating a healthier living environment for your family.

Rain Barrels

It is the simple logic of collecting rainwater: collect water of high quality and use it at the point of collection; store it during periods of excess, supply for use in times of scarcity. Potable water is not unnecessarily wasted for outdoor, non-ingesting use.

High Performance Wall Assembly

2" x 6" studs set 16" apart allows room for thicker insulation while enhancing the structural strength of the house. Continuous rigid insulation (XPS) wraps the home in a blanket of warmth (R5) and keeping the wall cavities warm and dry. Eliminating the discomfort of indoor drafts and reducing the energy required to replace warm air leaking to the outside.

Spray Foam Insulation

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 40% of consumer homeowner spending on home heating and cooling today is wasted due to air leakage. Less air infiltration also enhances indoor air quality while providing a home less susceptible to exterior noise pollution.

Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

This is an environmentally responsible choice for your home's interior as no new tree was cut down for this floor. This makes the wood more than just a floor, it makes it part of a story. Reclaimed wood flooring imbues a look and feel that you cannot match. Beautiful wide planks, handcrafted a plank at a time makes this a truly unique, elegant flooring with lots to feel good about.

Low E-squared, Triple-pane, Argon-filled Windows

In 2009, Pella was honoured with the Sustained Excellence award in recognition of three consecutive years as an ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year. Pella windows are highly energy efficient with total unit U-values as low as 0.25 and Solar Heat Gain Coefficients as low as 0.15 - delivering superior comfort, creating less condensation and protecting your valuables from sun damage.

Quartz Countertops

Made from natural materials, quartz countertops contain none of the glues or adhesives used in common countertop manufacturing which means no harmful VOC's, (volatile organic components), in the air you breathe. Quartz is an inert and non-porous material making it an ideal solution for cooking surfaces as it does not stain or absorb bacteria.

Low Water Consumption Toilets and Faucets

These toilets on average reduce toilet water consumption by 26%. The dual control regulates the amount of water used per flush based on whether liquid or solid waste removal is required. As well, low flow aerators reduce unnecessary running water flow. Saving water saves you money and helps protect one of our valuable diminishing resources.

Marble Flooring

A natural product with varying colour and patterns according to the region it is quarried from, marble is a popular, elegant and durable choice for flooring.

Insulated Garage Door

Providing an insulation value of R8 , this garage door has insulated panels bonded to its steel section - creating a composite structure with greater strength and rigidity, improved dent resistance and superior thermal protection.

Landscape Design

Professionally designed landscaping in ways that do not require supplemental irrigation. Plants whose natural requirements are appropriate to the local climate are emphasized, and care is taken to avoid losing water to evaporation and run-off.

Insulated Garage Ceiling

R46 sprayed in polyurethane foam insulation not only means almost 22% more insulation than required, but also gets in those hard to reach places where air leakage can cause excessive drafts and heat loss making rooms uncomfortable. Proper application of the correct insulation assures you will be comfortable and save money on your heating bill!

50-year Fiberglass® Shingles

The shingles on this roof are more durable than your typical asphalt shingle. The fibreglass mat will not absorb any moisture resulting in a longer lasting roof and no curled or blistered shingles. Engineered to resist algae growth, this roof will maintain its look for years to come.

Low or No VOC Interior Wall Paint

All of the interior paint is low VOC ensuring the best breathing environment for your family.

Attic Insulation

With a spray foam skim coat and R50 blown-in cellulose, this home has 30% more attic insulation than Ontario Code Built homes. The added insulation slows the rate that heat escapes, allowing you and your family to rest comfortably... and keeps your heating bill from literally "going through the roof".

Radon Mitigation System

As a preventative measure, each home has installed a passive radon mitigation system to ensure soil gas possibilities will not adversely affect the people living in the home or cost the homeowner a lot of money down the road if soil gas is detected.

Air Sealing

Careful attention is paid to the fine details of air sealing the entire building envelope using the correct products designed for each specific application such as polyurethane foam, acoustical sealant and high performance adhesive tape. These measures ensure an air tightness levels that meet stringent ENERGY STAR® requirements.

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